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My practice has foundations within, yet is not exclusive to, the medium of letterpress and is published through the typochondriacs imprint. I am interested in language, history, ‘ephemory’ and place. I am currently on a journey from the analogue, via the digital, and back again as part of the MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England.



Photography is my language. It is the element that lays the foundation for all of my artistic practice.

Since graduating from the University of South Wales in Documentary Photography, I’ve been working within photographic education.  In recent years my personal practice has evolved, leading towards the study for an MA at the University of the West of England, where I am exploring the diversity of printmaking and media, exposing me to new conceptual ideologies and physical materials.

I consider myself a street photographer, influenced by American masters from a past generation. I find inspiration in my observation of the city streets. The viewfinder quietens and simplifies the chaos I find around me. It brings a new light that connects narratives and conversations.

With the transition into print and photography, I am finding different ways to create work that communicates my ideas, helping me push the boundaries of both. This has opened new avenues and reinvented my practice.



I started my creative journey mainly focusing on visual communication, from which I developed a style of combining photography, graphics, and collage. Incorporating different media helps me focus on the playful and experimental side of being an artist. The act of layering, cutting, and selecting images gives me a sense of freedom when developing work. Never limiting myself to just one method of printmaking, I combine techniques that result in a truly unique finish. I lean towards the immediate and irrevocable, creating layouts and compositions instinctively. I enjoy the element of exploration and experimentation.

I tend to draw influences from the man-made world around me, especially urban construction and systems. Using this as a starting point, I will extract simple shapes and forms to build up pieces, then incorporate subtle textures and mark-making. This all goes towards a goal of creating rich and complex pieces that are visually striking, intriguing and stimulating. I also aim to add a sense of drama and mood to the work, by creating a juxtaposition of bold impactful shapes and colour with delicate and intricate graphics.